Strategic Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing 2023

Marketing is a unique and powerful strategy that can significantly improve your business. But what if this development could occur autonomously, saving you both time and energy?
Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI), a game-changing technology that, when harnessed strategically, can supercharge your marketing efforts. In this guide, we delve into the ‘Strategic Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing, exploring how AI empowers marketers and drives business growth.

How is AI marketing described?

   Hearing the word AI is reminiscent of doing something without human intervention. The use of AI in marketing also shows the same issue. AI can design more efficient methods to attract customers by receiving and analyzing information. Some information, such as interests and frequently used customer behaviors.

Personalizing information is what AI does. It remembers the style and the type of needs of each person. For this reason, it makes the best decision for each person in the shortest time and uses it for marketing and advertising separately for each person. AI finds or even creates the best way using the following methods.

  • Machine Learning (ML): Based on receiving algorithms and comparing conditions with these algorithms.
  • Reinforcement Learning: This method teaches AI right and wrong by using rewards and prizes every time it does anything.
  • Deep learning: The last method is like the ML method with the algorithm. But this time, the AI creates this algorithm by receiving the information.

How can AI impact marketing efficiently?

   If the user gets the desired information, it will be more productive. In the past, marketers did marketing by analyzing person-to-person or in general and a plan for all people. But these days, marketers do not need to waste their time.
With the advancement of technology and increasing the efficiency of those ways, such as the use of AI, it can increase the accuracy and speed of marketers for marketing.

The increase in the efficiency of AI marketing is due to the personal analysis of people. Companies can increase their sales with this strategy. A strategy that AI can do with the most minor mistakes and the fastest way. 
With the improvement of marketing and the development of advertising, sales increase. As a result, it makes companies and marketers progress. In this way, AI can positively affect the development of companies by increasing the speed and efficiency of marketing.

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AI marketing advantages

  •  Save time and energy: AI can respond to customers’ needs in the best possible way without spending a lot of energy and time. If you save time and energy, you can easily do more activities in a shorter time. Also, in marketing, you can increase the quality of your training and advertising with more time.
  • Better communication: According to the exact understanding of the customer’s needs and considering their interests it can establish a better relationship with the customers. Customers are more attracted to a platform by increasing their user relationship.
  • Increase consumer satisfaction: When AI can communicate better with consumers, it can also increase the satisfaction percentage of consumers.
  • Development of creativity: AI considers all possible ways and uses the best way. These multiple ways increase marketing creativity. Increasing creativity, in addition to increasing the attractiveness of the platform, also increases the probability of success.
  • More marketing efficiency: By increasing the creativity and satisfaction of the consumer, as well as saving more time and energy for the marketer, marketing productivity will also increase.
  • Increase ROI: ROI is a relative rate of return on investment. It shows the rate of profit from investment. ROI shows the profit as a percentage of initial cost.

AI marketing disadvantages

  • Need a lot of data: AI needs data to consider all paths. It requires complete data to find the best way. Therefore, it receives a lot of comprehensive information from the consumer. This issue may be dull and troublesome for the consumer. Considering the consumer’s frustration, the need for a lot of data and receiving it can be the most obvious challenge for AI users.
  • Privacy: Artificial intelligence receives a lot of information from users. It also stores all this information. If privacy is not taken care of, it may become a problem. Paying attention to GDPR rules can prevent possible risks.
  • GDPR rules: The European Union has written these rules over several years. They established these rules for companies and organizations with much access to users’ personal information. The main issue in these rules is to pay attention to protecting users’ private information.
  • Quality loss: AI creates content with its mentality. He only has part of the human experience and thinking. Humans must edit content production by artificial intelligence. Not editing this content may reduce its quality. Sometimes, AI produces much higher quality content than human ideas and thoughts. Editing and increasing accuracy on this content increases control over them. Increasing dominance improves the average quality of the content.
  • Measuring KPI: KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. Organizations use this index. People can also use this index in their work. The main content of this index is to compare the level of goodness. If artificial intelligence does marketing, measuring this index will be challenging.

Useful AI marketing tools for editing & copywriting free 

Jasper: This program has templates for creating content. These formats increase the speed of writing. In addition to increasing the speed, you can have a good experience using this program’s fonts and multiple categories.

You can use Jasper for free, but you can purchase some parts to increase your ability to use the features of this program.

Grammarly:  Grammarly is a handy tool for editing your text. You can check your text or article thoroughly with this program. Grammarly takes your mistakes and gives suggestions for your inappropriate words. This program helps to make your text more beautiful without making mistakes.

This AI is free. You can easily register and use Grammarly. You can buy the premium version to access and work all Grammarly parts.

Insta text: This platform is for sentence formatting and sentence rewriting. This platform helps you to write more beautiful text with better design with the help of artificial intelligence.

Using this platform is not free. The cost of using Insta Text is $11.99 per month.

Hemingway Editor: This AI works with the help of Machine Learning (ML). According to your text and its analysis, it can give you suggestions. These suggestions are to improve your text. 

Finally, this AI gives you a score to evaluate your text. You can use this program for free.

Best Artificial Intelligence marketing tools for digital marketing automation

Seventh Sense: This AI works by using behavioral profiling.

The information required by the user, such as day and time prediction models, is emailed to the user. Also, this program sends sales time to users. Accurate analysis of data and prediction of the situation and sending them accurately and quickly to the user is one of the positive points of this program.

Tidio: This platform allows you to talk with artificial intelligence through a chat box. It also causes you to interact more with the customer. Increasing engagement increases CRO.

CRO: CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. This word means optimizing the conversion rate after checking it.

Optimove: This platform works by using customer behavior. This program helps to improve customer interaction and attract new and old customers with exclusive modeling. Also, this program can do pricing for your company.

The most popular AI tool for the development of your company

Zapier: Make your challenging problems easy by turning your text data into data and answering a few quick questions. This program gives you this ability by using artificial intelligence.

Deep Brain AI: With this program, you can create your desired avatar with the help of artificial intelligence. You can create your video using the text in the shortest possible time and save about 75% of your time.

On this platform, you may face a 10-minute video limit at launch. Also, using this program is not free. The cost of using it is $30 per month.

How do you choose the best artificial intelligence tools?

Being free: The first thing that most people and marketers pay attention to is the free program. When you want to choose one of several programs with the same application, the probability of selecting a free one is higher.

Easy to use: The more robust the program’s user interface you are looking for, the easier it is to learn and use it. The ease of use of the program increases its popularity. It can also add to your speed. Acceleration and usability can speed up your progress and help your business grow.

Be fast: The tool you choose must meet your needs in the shortest possible time. An immediate program can help you and your business progress easily and quickly. In addition, a program that is not fast can cause confusion and fatigue for the user. It is more useful when choosing a quicker program that helps you do things in the shortest possible time.

Performance: Generally, you should choose a program that meets your needs.

Rating: It is almost impossible and time-consuming to use all programs and gain experience from all of them. So you can use the experience of others. One thing that helps you use other people’s experiences is rating. In the ratings, people rate the program according to their usage. They may also write a short article about the program. An article that can give you a summary of each person’s experience using the program you want.

   With this information that you get from the experiences of others, you can get a general view of the program. 

   So you can find the program you want without wasting time and energy.


     Generally, there is a right and wrong use for everything, depending on how you use everything. Artificial intelligence is no exception to this. You can increase the speed of your company’s development by using AI. Marketers can increase their speed by using AI. But all these things depend on how you use them. First of all, you must learn how to use AI correctly. You can design the right way to use AI with complete and correct training.

          You can develop your business by using research and gaining experience in technology, especially artificial intelligence. But in general, artificial intelligence has contributed significantly to humans’ progress, which is increasing daily.


What is AI marketing? And how does it affect the progress of marketers?

AI marketing is a type of marketing in which you can use artificial intelligence and its standard tools. This method increases content production speed, creativity and marketing efficiency.

What are the best artificial intelligence tools? What is their use?

Some famous tools include Jasper, Grammarly, InstaText and Hemingway Editor for copyright and text editing and Seventh Sense, Tidio, Zapier and DeepBrain  AI for developing your business.

What is the criterion for choosing an artificial intelligence tool?

Criteria such as the program’s application, the speed of its work, the freeness of the easy user interface, and positive scores and experiences can be good criteria for choosing an AI tool.

What are the cons of using artificial intelligence?

Decreasing content quality and user security can be disadvantages of artificial intelligence. With the control and attention of users, risks and problems can be prevented. Also, AI’s high need for data can be one of the other disadvantages of using it.

What are the pros of using artificial intelligence?

Because AI personalized data, using AI tools increases user satisfaction. It can also increase the speed of companies and marketers. Increasing creativity and finding multiple and more effective ways can be one of the advantages of AI.

Meta: With its free tools and quick and accurate thinking, artificial intelligence can significantly help marketers and companies improve their marketing.

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