Trending Insights: Utilizing Tools to Find Industry Trends

Why do we need to find currently trending topics?

For those of you crafting articles, you might wonder: why prioritize trending and current topics over personal subjects?

Selecting a trending topic is a powerful strategy to forge a deeper connection with readers. By integrating these trending topics into your content, you can capture the attention of a broader audience.

However, it’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t try to cram every trending topic into a single article. Ideally, your content should focus on one primary subject. Then, incorporate related keywords and popular sub-topics within that domain. Engaging with popular themes not only boosts your content’s relevance but also offers significant SEO benefits.

Leveraging trending topics can elevate your presence on search platforms, improve your ranking, and attract a larger reader base. But remember, SEO isn’t just about what’s trending. Quality and quantity of content are crucial components for optimal search engine rankings.

Google, for example, values regular content updates, thereby favoring sites that provide fresh and relevant material. This is why consistently offering up-to-date content is essential.

Furthermore, addressing trending topics suggests that you’re in tune with your target audience’s concerns. This responsiveness can lead to fresh insights and discussions, potentially making your platform a preferred choice for readers.

How To Create Top-Rated Content for Current Trending Topic

To craft, it’s essential to understand the rules and learn how to produce content on trending topics.
Furthermore, we’ll introduce several effective strategies to enhance your content creation efforts. Nowadays, content that aligns with popular topics plays a pivotal role in SEO. As trends change rapidly, it’s crucial to adapt and ensure our content maintains a high ranking. Then, as new trends emerge, our sites should be primed to rank highly once again.
So, how do you keep content fresh and relevant? Stay with us as we delve into strategies tailored for trending and seasonal topics.

Keeping content up to date

A straightforward yet effective method to keep your articles and content fresh is to consistently update them with new information while ensuring the central theme remains unchanged.

Stay attuned to seasonal topics, and evaluate if your content is still in alignment with current trends.
To be precise, it’s advisable to remove outdated or incorrect information and supplement it with recent content. Additionally, don’t neglect the importance of keywords, meta descriptions, and tags.
By staying updated, you signal to search engines that your content is both authentic and relevant to your readers. After all, when your audience is seeking information on trending topics, your updated content can provide the answers, enhancing its overall value.

Balancing evergreen content with seasonal content

Evergreen content is timeless. While it doesn’t focus on seasonal topics, its significance and relevance necessitate our continual engagement.

Key elements of managing evergreen content include guides, how-to articles, frequently asked questions, keywords, and case studies. One effective strategy is to repurpose evergreen content: transform it into social posts, podcasts, or other formats to consistently engage and attract new audiences. This can also enhance your SEO ranking.

On the other hand, seasonal content can drive a surge of traffic to your site. Interestingly, both evergreen and seasonal content can complement and promote one another.

It’s crucial to strike a balance in detailing these types of content; avoid being overly verbose or too sparse in description.

A shared advantage of both content types is their potential to boost your SEO ranking.

Test your seasonal content

Ultimately, it’s vital to evaluate the seasonality, freshness, and effectiveness of your content in terms of its impact on both your audience and SEO.
Such an assessment will indicate whether your article has achieved a favorable SEO ranking.
After publishing, always be vigilant in correcting any errors.

Various tools can help gauge the freshness and performance of your content, including metrics like bounce rate, dwell time, conversions, and traffic volume.

Best Free & Paid Tools for Media Publishers to Spot Trends

And now we want to introduce you to the best free and paid tools for observing trends and provide you with useful information about them.

Google Trends

Google Trends serves as an invaluable tool for pinpointing what’s buzzing right now. Whether you’re curious about the hottest movies, photos, or songs, Google Trends keeps you informed about what’s catching everyone’s attention.

Why should you use Google Trends?

  1. In-the-Moment Insights: What sets Google Trends apart is its ability to showcase real-time searches. This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to craft content that resonates with current public interest and drives organic traffic.
  2. Features at a Glance:
    • Trending Topics: See what topics are capturing attention on Google, filtered by time and location.
    • Topic Tracking: When a topic starts to trend, Google Trends highlights it.
    • Related Searches: Get suggestions on topics related to your queries.
    • Comparison Tool: Measure the relative popularity of multiple topics.
    • Personalized Alerts: An added bonus? Google Trends can pick up on topics you frequently search for and alert you when they start trending.

X Twitter

The Power of Twitter Trending: A Must-Have for Content Creators and Media Publishers

Twitter trending isn’t just a list of popular hashtags; it’s a dynamic tool that keeps content writers and media publishers abreast of the latest buzz. Its significance goes beyond mere mentions—it unveils the pulse of millions, spotlighting what the world is talking about right now. As users, it’s crucial to recognize and respect its potency. When delving into Twitter trending, trust its insights: they’re reflective of the collective interest of millions worldwide.


Glimpse is not just another Chrome extension—it amplifies the insights you can gather from Google Trends. It provides a depth of information that goes beyond the default data that Google offers.

Features of Glimpse:

  • Detailed Data Access: Dive deeper into the numbers and trends.
  • Expanded Google Trends Insights: Extract more from what Google Trends has to offer.
  • Explore Related Topics: Venture beyond the main topic and delve into related discussions.
  • Multi-Platform Insights: Glimpse isn’t limited to Google. It showcases topics gaining traction on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Navigational Ease: Seamlessly traverse through the data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

For news publishers aiming to extend their reach, Google News is a goldmine. By leveraging its “Top Stories”, “Trending Searches”, and “Related Topics” sections, publishers can increase their visibility and captivate a broader audience.

Trend Watchers

The Rise of Video Content

It’s evident that video consumption has surpassed traditional article reading. Globally, video watching has skyrocketed, with individuals spending an average of 17 hours a week on it.

For seasoned content creators, platforms like Trendwatchers are invaluable. Here, you can pinpoint the trending video topics of the moment. Why not amplify your reach by promoting or even publishing your content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube?

Drawing inspiration from popular topics on TikTok and YouTube can also breathe new life into your written posts and articles.

Features of Trendwatchers:

  • Data from popular TikTok and YouTube topics.
  • Announcements of topics and growing trends and navigation for new topics.
  • Giving ideas to create content with trending topics. In addition
  •  It provides you with data related to keywords and their use.

Explosive topics

Exploding Topics is a freemium tool designed to aid content writers and publishers. It reveals topics poised to gain popularity, enabling you to harness them before they hit mainstream awareness. Whether you wish to capitalize on these trends immediately or save the insights for strategic timing, the choice is yours.

The strength of Exploding Topics lies in its dual approach: it blends artificial intelligence with human analysis. This ensures the identification of emerging trends across diverse domains, including science and technology, business, and entertainment.

Endorsed and utilized by numerous renowned brands, Exploding Topics is always evolving, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

 Features of Exploding Topics:

  • Exploding topics provides you with information about the most popular keywords related to each popular topic along with the emotions that those keywords give.
  • It gives you access to information about different topics and formats.
  • For popular topics, it will warn and inform you immediately that there is going to be an important change.
  • It shows you the history of a topic and its process to understand the new path and trend.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is not just a site—it’s your go-to hub for curating information and trends. Whether you’re looking into technology, business, design, or other niches, simply search for the trend of interest, and you’ll be immersed in a sea of insights.

The platform’s strength lies in its use of artificial intelligence to scout new sites and topics, discerning whether they are genuinely trending. But it doesn’t stop there. A dedicated team further scrutinizes these topics, ensuring they are systematically organized and presented.

What sets Trend Hunter apart is its criteria for adding a topic to its repository. Every entry is evaluated based on three pivotal pillars: popularity, activity, and novelty, ensuring you’re always in tune with the most relevant and impactful trends.


While Buzzsumo may be seen as a platform geared towards beginners, its capabilities are anything but basic. It is adept at identifying trending topics that resonate on social media.

Predominantly favored by SEO professionals, Buzzsumo is more than just a discovery tool. It is utilized for optimizing content marketing strategies, generating fresh content ideas, assessing content performance, steering content in the right direction, and keeping a vigilant eye on competitors.

  Features of BuzzSumo:

  • It scans the topics and contents that are popular on the social network. and collects the posts that have been popular in the past 24 hours.
  • Creates feeds that are custom-based on combinations of general topics, domains, or certain countries.
  • The score ranks the most popular topics based on social shares over time.  

Sparktoro trending

sparktoro trending It is a tool with a research function that tracks popular tweets. and after tracking it prepares an organized list of the most shared content by the active marketing of the website on Twitter.

Top tools to inspire new content

Every content creator and writer carries a spark of creativity within. However, it’s a common experience to occasionally feel that spark dim, leading to moments where inspiration seems elusive. You might find yourself seated, gazing blankly at your monitor, grappling with where to begin.

But take heart. By choosing to engage with this article, you’re already on the path to reigniting that creative spirit. We’re here to introduce you to top-tier tools and techniques designed to boost your creativity. With these resources, you’ll not only discover fresh ideas for content creation but also craft compelling pieces that draw in a new audience.

Content ideation technique

Foundations of Effective Ideation

To master the art of ideation, consider the following foundational questions:

  1. Purpose of Your Content:
    • What drives you to create content?
    • Are you aiming to educate, entertain, inform, market, or simply engage your audience?
  2. Understanding Your Audience:
    • Who are they, and what resonates with them?
    • Why do they opt to consume your content? What are their expectations?

You might initially feel that understanding your audience doesn’t directly relate to ideation. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Grasping the nuances of your audience doesn’t just inform your content; it amplifies your creative process. It’s like lighting new candles of inspiration in your mind.

Next, let’s delve into tools:

Answer the public

Answer the Public’ is a powerful, free tool designed for ideation.

How does it work? It dives deep into the queries people pose about specific topics or keywords, offering a range of perspectives and answers. As you explore these questions, a mental map forms, guiding you towards fresh ideas and innovative approaches.

To leverage this tool:

  1. Input a keyword or trending topic.
  2. Ensure you’ve set the desired language and country.
  3. Click on ‘Receive Questions’.

The beauty of ‘Answer the Public’ lies in its ability to turn queries into a canvas of creativity.

  • After that, Google comes into action, collects the available questions and data, and presents you with a mental map.
  • This includes all the questions and information that other people have entered about your topic or keyword.
  • It should be noted that this tool gives your mind a lot of power to get new ideas.
  •  And also, what better than to have a lot of information about your desired topics from different perspectives?

Examining the needs of the audience

Truly understanding your audience is pivotal when brainstorming content ideas.

The journey starts with a deep dive into your target audience’s preferences. What are their desires? What content captures their attention? To unearth these answers, leverage tools like surveys, focus groups, and direct customer feedback. This information serves as a goldmine, illuminating the paths your content should take.

Such an approach doesn’t just satiate your audience’s cravings; it also ignites your creativity. It becomes a wellspring of inspiration, guiding your content creation process.

When you pinpoint what your audience seeks, inspiration often follows suit. Content crafted with these insights invariably strikes a chord.

Moreover, if you identify a prevalent issue or need among your audience, addressing it in your content can work wonders. Offering solutions, whether direct or subtle, not only positions you as a go-to resource but also fosters loyalty, widening your audience base.

Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming stands as a revered technique for sparking inspiration and fostering creative thinking. Its charm lies in its ability to yield abundant ideas in a short span, prioritizing speed and fluidity. Importantly, brainstorming is a non-judgmental process, ensuring an environment where ideas flow freely without critique.

This method is widely embraced for crafting creative content.

Let’s delve into the steps integral to an effective brainstorming session:

  • Address the content problem and identify and investigate it.
  • Determine your goal in advance.
  • Categorize and list your ideas and inspirations.
  • From the inspirations you got, extract your ideas from them and modify them if they need to be modified.

While various brainstorming techniques exist, group brainstorming stands out as the most prevalent. In this collaborative approach, a team converges to conjure ideas. Participants amplify and diversify the idea pool by building upon each other’s contributions, leading to richer outcomes.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the art of uncovering and analyzing search terms that resonate with your target audience. It grants insights into your potential customers’ needs, enabling you to tailor your content to their interests.
To embark on keyword research, tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush are invaluable. They shine a light on the most pertinent and high-traffic keywords in your domain.
However, keyword research isn’t just about identifying phrases for content integration. It’s about understanding the very information and topics your audience seeks and values. Dive deeper, and let the insights guide your content, making it exponentially more appealing.
In essence, keyword research isn’t just about search engine optimization—it’s about tapping into genuine audience interests, and ensuring your content resonates profoundly.

Now, let’s delve deeper into strategy. We aim to guide you through the crucial steps for strategic content planning, vital for advancing your endeavors. Perhaps some of these insights are new to you, so stay tuned for the remainder of the article.

Why should marketers create a planned strategy?

While content marketing is an integral strategy for businesses, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Indeed, content marketing is foundational to your strategic approach, primarily because it funnels organic traffic to your site, leading to potential sales. It’s invaluable for initial planning. However, while quality content can foster trust and cultivate customer loyalty, it’s not the sole solution, especially during promotional phases.

Merely crafting a post and embedding both internal and external links can significantly boost organic traffic and lead generation. HubSpot’s blog team emphasizes that, although this action might appear basic, it’s pivotal for steadily growing an audience.

Moreover, there’s a consistent and credible traffic and lead source awaiting you: Evergreen content. Enhance your understanding by exploring more about evergreen content.

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In this article, we’ve delved into pivotal subjects, encompassing trending topics, essential tools, and sources of inspiration. It’s crucial to recognize that much of the content populating websites and social media has been shaped with inspiration from various sources and refined using tools. So, if there are moments when you feel disheartened or uninspired, remember it’s a transient sentiment. In truth, you’re on a trajectory to grow and flourish, whether through trending topics, evergreen content, or inspiring tools.

We sincerely hope the resources we’ve presented will serve as catalysts to elevate your content.


How do trending topics influence SEO?

Trending topics can bolster your presence on SEO platforms, improve your ranking, and attract more visitors. It’s a strategic advantage.

What role do trending topics play in ensuring content remains current?

By consistently crafting content around these trending topics, website owners ensure their sites stay updated and appealing to their target audience.

How does evergreen content impact SEO?

Evergreen content offers versatility; it can be repurposed, perhaps as a social post or a podcast, continually drawing in and engaging new audiences. Such consistent engagement not only retains its value but can also boost your SEO ranking over time.


  1. This blog effectively highlights the importance of integrating currently trending topics into content creation strategies. It emphasizes the need for a balanced approach, focusing on a primary subject while incorporating related keywords and sub-topics. The blog underscores the significance of quality and quantity in content creation for optimal search engine rankings.

    Practical strategies, such as consistently updating articles, staying attuned to seasonal topics, and utilizing keywords, meta descriptions, and tags, are well-advised. The inclusion of tools like Google Trends, Twitter Trending, Glimpse, Trendwatchers, Exploding Topics, Buzzsumo, and Sparktoro Trending adds actionable insights for media publishers.

    The blog also addresses the rise of video content and introduces platforms like Trendwatchers, highlighting the importance of adapting to changing trends. The inclusion of content ideation techniques and tools such as Answer the Public provides a practical guide for overcoming creative blocks.

    In conclusion, the blog serves as a valuable resource for content creators, offering a comprehensive guide to leveraging trending topics, utilizing tools for trend spotting, and enhancing content creation strategies in a dynamic digital landscape.

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